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Booth Associates supplies legal consulting services for local government

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Booth Associates  provides local governments with innovative and situation-specific solutions for legal issues including environmental assessments and monitoring plans, traffic impact studies, impact assessment and community consultation. Booth Associates has worked with farmers, local governments and government agencies to support legal representation.

Legal advice from Booth Associates facilitates projects through statutory approval processes. Booth Associates maintains a professional relationship with key government agencies and works within policy and regulatory requirements.

Assistance is offered by Booth Associates in local, regional and environmental planning applications. Some of its services include calculation of minimum lot sizes, GIS mapping solutions, land use and land capability assessment, agro economical and feasibility studies, land, water and natural resource management and many more. Additionally, Booth Associates provides consultancy in issues such as policy and process, technical acumen, expert witnessing, planning capability and due diligence.

Booth Associates takes up legal issues such as business and family succession planning disputes, local government planning disputes, irrigation systems or water supply failure, share farming agreements and disputes, neighbour disputes and more. Other litigation services from the company include harvest contracting, product delivery error assistance, disturbance of marketing contracts, water delivery under joint water authorities, management under liquidation, quality of life through accident, chemical drift and bushfires.

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