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BoreSaver Industrial Aquabiotics distributes residue removal products

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BoreSaver Industrial Aquabiotics  supplies a wide range of residue removal products including BoreSaver Ultra C, BoreSaver Liquid, BoreSaver IronKleen, IKL Lime Cleaner and Aquatek. BoreSaver Industrial Aquabiotics provides iron oxide solutions to an extensive range of water companies.

The slippery iron deposits are due to the oxidation of dissolved iron by naturally occurring bacteria. It is not only unpleasant for the operators, but also indicative of a system becoming inefficient and expensive to maintain. BoreSaver Ultra C cleans the rusty iron oxide residues in wells, bores, pumps and pipes which minimises production and increases maintenance costs.

Iron oxide residues affect stainless steel as well as cast iron and the various different types of plastic groundwater pumps. BoreSaver Ultra C is organic and fully biodegradable. It turns into carbon dioxide and water on breakdown.

BoreSaver Industrial Aquabiotics range of products is practical and cost effective. BoreSaver Ultra C is effective in keeping the pumps and rising mains clean in the most demanding groundwater conditions.

BoreSaver Ultra C does not enter the production stream. All cleaner and the products of cleaning distributed by BoreSaver Industrial Aquabiotics are flushed to waste after cleaning.

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