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BoreSaver Industrial Aquabiotics offers iron oxide stain cleaners

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BoreSaver Industrial Aquabiotics  offers IronKleen, an iron oxide stain cleaner. The cleaning solution from the company removes all iron stains depending on the surface texture and severity of the stain. The treated area requires a thorough rinse with clean water as soon as the stain begins to dissolve. Stubborn stains may require several applications of IronKleen and agitation of the surface with a brush.

IronKleen from BoreSaver Industrial Aquabiotics tends to bleach iron oxides. Even entire walls are treated to maintain a uniform and consistent appearance.

BoreSave Liquid supplied by BoreSaver Industrial Aquabiotics is added to bores where iron residues build-up in the pump, screen, headwork and reticulation system. The BoreSaver Liquid is designed for use after the bore and pump have been cleaned with BoreSaver Ultra C.

The BoreSaver Liquid is a weekly treatment that helps ensure the efficient operation of bores. This cleaner from the company is a powerful concentrated flow improver for systems affected by iron and oxide residues.

The BoreSaver Liquid is powerful, effective, and economical. This cleaning solution prevents and stops iron residues in the bore and delivery system. It is particularly effective on iron slime. The BoreSaver Liquid is safe for the bore, pump and stock and domestic water. It can be dosed manually or automatically.

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