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Pencil augers, water valves and feeders from Bosmac

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Bosmac  supplies an extensive range of pencil augers, water valves, harrow bars, sheep feeders, universal feeders, roller mills and cattle feeders. All these quality products comply with the Australian Standards and are engineered to align with today‚Äôs requirements. When dealing with customers, Bosmac offers commitment, quality work and competitive pricing.

In addition, Bosmac also offers machining, welding and profile cutting services. On-site repairs, structural and sheet metal work, line boring and ID welding are the other range of engineering work performed by Bosmac.

A range of mining equipment distributed by Bosmac include FOPS, truck hungry boards and duck tails, oil trays, truck stands, truck relining, vent bag adaptors, man cage and buckets.

Bosmac offers a diverse range of agricultural equipment including roller mill, mix all, cattle feeder, auger and many more.

In addition to mining and agricultural equipment, Bosmac also supplies a wide range of amonimum nitrate mixer and bulk transfer equipment which includes drive units, mixing auger and storage bin. Drive units from Bosmac are hand operated. Drive units supplied by Bosmac are air cooled diesel hydraulic and P.T.O truck hydraulic.

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