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Farmers Using the Bourgault 8810 Cultivator Know They are Money Ahead

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The Bourgault 8810 is a strong and durable five row floating hitch cultivator. It is available with either 8" or 10" shank spacings. Farmers know that if they can use one piece of equipment to replace several, they are money ahead. The 8810 has an extra strong frame, renowned Bourgault spring trip assemblies and the residue clearance of a chisel plow. The 8810 is capable of primary tillage, secondary tillage, direct seeding, chemical incorporation and fertilizer banding. With the narrow shank spacing, the 8810 can perform field cultivator jobs such as seedbed preparation and herbicide incorporation.

The Bourgault 8810 has the shortest contouring depth of any cultivator in the industry. This coupled with a high quality, single series depth control system makes the 8810 and a Bourgault Air Seeder cart a natural replacement for box drills. The Bourgault 8810 is designed to deliver exceptional seed placement with a wide variety of openers. The 8810 can be equipped with tine harrows or mounted packers.

With all this flexibility it is no wonder that Bourgault cultivators have seeded more acres than any other make.

The multi-purpose 8810 can also accept Bourgault's Mid Row Banding Coulters making it a leading edge, one-pass seeding unit. The Mid Row Banders can be easily locked up and out of the way allowing the 8810 to be used for any tillage operation. Make your 8810 a Culti-Drill: The 8810 10” spaced models are available with Heavy Duty Mounted Packer systems.

The Heavy Duty Mounted Packers are 21” diameter wheels available in choice of 2-1/4” or 3-1/2” steel, 2” or 3” rubber or 5-1/2” pneumatic. The packer gangs are small 4 and 5 wheel gangs that provide good land following characteristics making it easier for the operator to exchange the gangs for harrows. Packing can be varied from 50 lbs to 80 lbs per wheel to properly match the seeding conditions. The 8810 with Heavy Duty Mounted Packers, knife openers and Mid Row Banders functions as a state of the art drill with adjustable packing pressure. With harrows and sweeps, it serves as a cultivator. The 8810 is truly a Culti-drill.

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