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The 6000 mid harrow from Bourgault Industries

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article image 6000 Mid-Harrow
The 6000 mid harrow from Bourgault Industries is a versatile harrowing unit that is available in two sizes, 70’ or 90’ working widths.

Bridging the gap between a regular and a heavy harrow, the 6000 only requires 3 HP per foot when operating. Featuring 5 rows of straight tines which are 7/16” x 20” on 2” centres, the models hydraulic boom height and angle control allows for an on the go adjustment which is always convenient to the operator. The mid harrow also features a rockshaft arrangement that automatically levels the section once the angle of the tine is changed.

With a double acting cable design, the operator is given the benefits of a cable and a solid draw without experiencing any negative effects. Cables link from the wind boom to the front of the hitch in order to take the working draft loads and a pair of cables at the rear of the bar which limits the forward movement of the wing booms.

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