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The Largest Production Air Hoe Drill in the World

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Bourgault 5710-70 & 5710-74 Air Hoe Drill

The Largest Production Air Hoe Drill in the World.

Bourgault 5710-74 AHD.

Bourgault Industries Ltd . is proud to announce the release of the latest addition to the proven line of 5710 Air Hoe Drills, the 5710-70 AHD & 5710-74 AHD.

On top of the many features offered by this advanced seeding tool, it is the largest production air hoe drill in the world.

Many large acreage farmers require a seeding implement that will provide all the features of the current 5710 seeding systems, and the ability to increase the number of acres they can seed in a day.

The new 5710-70 & 5710-74 will fit this need.

One of the main criteria that the new drill had to meet was to maintain adequate transport dimensions.

To meet this challenge, Bourgault engineers developed X-Fold Technology.

The drill folds into a 7-plex for transport; and locks into a 5-plex unit in field position.

Locking of outer wing stub into field position is automatic.

The hydraulic cylinders over-centre a linkage to keep the outer wing stub locked relative to the outer wing.

This ensures that the linkage takes the load, not the cylinders.

This unique design allows the 5710-70 to fold in the conventional style, yet meets the height and width dimensions required to safely transport the drill in most locations.

In transport, the 5710-74 is 18' 11" (5.75m) tall and 23' 6" (7.16m) wide.

The centre of gravity of the folded wings is over-centre, which provides stable transport.

X-Fold Technology

Another unique feature is the double cylinder wing-lift configuration.

This not only adds strength for wing-lift, but also structural integrity during field operation.

The main frame running gear features 16.5x16.1 10-ply FI tires mounted on 8,000 lb. wheels and hubs.

The inner wings use 11Lx15 6-ply FI tires, and the outer wings use 9.5Lx15 6-ply FI tires.

Inner and outer wing running gear are mounted on 6,000 lb. hubs and 3,000 lb. wheels.

Walking axles are standard throughout on 70’ and 74’ air hoe drills.

The size of tractor required for the 5710-70 or 5710-74 with a comparable air seeder tank will be dependent on soil conditions and terrain.

On lighter soil and in flatter terrain, an operator should be able to use a 450 HP tractor.

In most conditions, a 500 HP+ tractor is recommended.

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