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Boya Equipment advises that articulated loaders are ideal for agricultural applications

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Boya  Equipment advises that whilst a range of loaders can be used in farming and construction applications, the articulated loader is generally the superior choice for a variety of applications.  

Boya explains that there are seven main advantages of using articulated loaders, as follows:

  1. Articulated loaders offer easy manoeuvrability in very tight and difficult to access areas, thanks to their articulated steering.  Because of this greater productivity in confined areas can be achieved with reduced risk of harm to animals, structures and personnel.  
  2. Articulated loaders offer a cost effective and fuel efficient method of moving loads when compared to other heavier and less manoeuvrable loaders.  
  3. Articulated loaders are low and narrow, making them easy for operators to mount and dismount as well as enabling access to and operation inside buildings and small farming areas such as chicken pens, green houses, horse stables and cow sheds.  
  4. Modern articulated loaders offer longer life span for gearboxes, clutches and axles thanks to the smooth power transfer offered by their clutch-less hydrostatic transmission.  The hydrostatic transmission also makes them faster in comparison to other heavy machines.   
  5. Using articulated loaders increases safety and speed thanks to the small build of the front chassis which offer clear views of the front end of the loader to their operators.  
  6. Articulated loaders can easily be adapted to a wide range of demanding applications thanks to the ease with which different types of tyres can be changed and fitted.  
  7. Articulated loaders are ideal for efficiently loading and transferring materials that require a longer reach thanks to their front mounted arms.  

 Contact Boya to find out more information about its range of articulated loaders and which models are best suited to site specifications.

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