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Boya Equipment offers expert advice on choosing the correct loader tyres

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Boya Equipment offers advice on how to choose the best tyres for loaders and their applications.  

Loaders are popular heavy machine often used in the agricultural industry to collect, shift and carry materials. There are a variety of loader tyres available, each offering advantages for different applications.   

Choosing the correct tyres for a loader ensures that it continues to operate effectively and efficiently helping to reduce operating costs and downtime.  The different loader types, applications and terrain require the correct type of tyres to ensure optimum performance.   

Boya supplies the following loader tyres:  

  • Lug tyre (also known as AS Tread) – these loader tyres offer the best traction, the deeper the lug the better the traction and self-cleaning ability.  The lug tyres wear out very quickly on concrete surfaces and are not suitable for sensitive surfaces as they have the highest ground pressure.  
  • Industrial lug tyre (or MPT) – these are multi-function tyres, suitable for both concrete surfaces and soft soil.  They are recommended for loaders being run on public roads.  
  • Turf pattern tyre – these loader tyres are suitable for hard concrete surfaces as well as sensitive surfaces such as lawns and other grassy areas.  These tyres are suited to concrete as they have the highest amount of tread in contact with the working surface and a very low ground pressure. The soft tyre shoulders even distribution of weight means that any damage grass is minimal.  
  • Skid steer tread tyres (known as SKD) – these are heavy duty tyres that feature rim guards and a high ply rating.  They are most suited to 50% traction and 50% hard surface.  These loader tyres are a good option for compact wheel loaders  as they are only available in smaller sizes.  

Compact articulated loaders are generally a superior choice because they are compatible with most tyre options. Skid steers cannot use many of these loader tyre options as the skidding of the machine puts high pressure on lug tyres, potentially ripping off the casing.   

Any loader tyres will require a compromise between strength, traction and wearing ability.  Unfortunately there is no ideal tyre for loaders, especially when used on a hard surface one day and on a sensitive surface the next, so tyre selection should be based on the surface usually worked on.  

Boya specialists are available to give expert advice when choosing both a new loader and its tyres.

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