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Choose the right tractor with handy tips from Boya Equipment

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Modern tractors are now available in a variety of designs and sizes and capable of performing a wide range of jobs from gardening and landscaping through to highly specialised farming tasks.  Boya Equipment explains gives some tips on choosing the best tractor for specific farming and landscaping applications.  

  • Requirements – the first step to narrowing down the options is to clearly define your requirements.  

    Subcompact or compact tractor are smaller versions of traditional farm tractors that are ideal for gardening and landscaping jobs.  With the attachment of appropriate implements they can also do tasks such as ploughing, hauling or digging, and are useful for a variety of farm work.  

    For farm owners and managers utility or diesel tractors can be used to mechanise more complex and large faming jobs such as ploughing, tilling and planting fields.   

    If the utility tractor will be used to perform jobs such as loading and excavating then a tractor model that has easily installed implements such as back hoes or front end loaders should be considered.  

  • Value for money - a tractor is a significant investment. Many tractor models combine a variety of features.  Ensure that you choose a tractor that is equipped to perform as many different jobs as you require, but don’t pay extra for features that sound exciting, but will never be used.   Also, if the tractor will only be used infrequently an economy models may fulfil all requirements at a lower cost.  
  • Working conditions – for tractors that will be used all year round, choose a model that will perform in all weather conditions.  Also consider a tractor with a fully sealed cabin for clear vision, air-conditioning and heating.  Some models also offer fatigue-reducing features for operators working long hours.  

    The terrain is also important.  Some models are designed to perform best on grassy, soft or wet surfaces others on rough terrain and some perform well on any surface.  

  • Horsepower - gardening, landscaping and simple farming jobs require less power and should be fine with a 10hp to 30hp tractor.  For tougher farming and excavating jobs a more powerful model of up to 100hp will perform better.  
  • Safety features - when purchasing a tractor good visibility is essential. Check that it is designed to the relevant safety standard for your application and request a demonstration of safety features.  
Contact Boya Equipment for expert advise when choosing a suitable tractor.

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