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Engineering and infrastructure planning services from Braidwood Saleyards

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Braidwood Saleyards  takes the responsibility of providing engineering services for roads, bridges, water bodies, sewerage, depots, parks, gardens, reserves and swimming pools. Braidwood Saleyards provides an application form for water and sewer system connections. About 64 development servicing plans for water and sewerage has been adopted by Braidwood Saleyards. Pricing policies for water and sewerage were made effective from 2007 and 2008.

Braidwood Saleyards, also known as Palerang Council, had made the new water conservation measures mandatory. Braidwood Saleyards commissioned the New South Wales Department of Commerce to prepare a report on the conceptual development of the Braidwood sewerage scheme augmentation. Braidwood Saleyards has also made road access requirements for rural, rural residential and environmental protection zones.

In addition to providing engineering services, Braidwood Saleyards also provides tourism information services, library services, community services and planning and environment services. Braidwood Saleyards provides community services which include management of committees, library services, out-of-school-hours care, community consultation forums, public information and cultural development commemorations.

Braidwood Saleyards’ infrastructure planning department is responsible for strategic land use and infrastructure planning and design in the areas of water and waste water management, planning and asset management plans.

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