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Breeding objectives for breeding Simmentals cattle from Brewer Simmentals

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Brewer Simmentals  specialises in breeding Simmentals breed of cattle. Brewer Simmentals emphasises on certain breeding objectives for the development of highly functional cattle. Some of these breeding objectives include structurally sound, high fertility, easy doing ability, high yielding and capability to perform in diverse climatic and seasonal conditions. These cattle thrive well in regions that receive rainfall averaging from 14 inches to about 50 inches. The female lines, housed by Brewer Simmentals, prove to be a perfect solution for various commercial breeding operations.

Brewer Simmentals also believes to breed cattle that possess high rate of maternal strength. This factor accounts for the economic sustainability of the cattle. Several female progeny, developed by Simmentals breed of bulls, can also be utilised as replacement females. Cattle bred by Brewer Simmentals are suitable for a diverse range of markets. Brewer Simmentals also conducts bull sale on a yearly basis. Brewer Simmentals supplies quality fodder products such as hay and silage. These fodder products comprise of features including high protein content, moist texture, high energy production and can be easily digested.

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