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Reference sires of Broome Shorthorns Australia

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Since 1993, Broome Shorthorns Australia have been producing and supplying meat varieties and stud stock Shorthorns to the Australian market. Sires from Broome Shorthorns Australia include Eionmar Ultra 8C, Broome Zookeeper, Austin’s Idol, Broome Y Mabo, Royalla Y Dazzler, Wyarama William, Glengyron Matador, Broome Boris, Broome Waco, Marellan Conqueror and Broome Hudson.

Among the top breed varieties, the Broome Flame sire from Broome Shorthorns Australia is bred by Artificial Insemination (AI) process. It is a polled horn variety sire that is roan in colour. Sires and dams involved in the breeding of this animal are the Eionmor MR GUS and Broome Zestful Watermaid.

By analysing the EBVs, the carcase weight of Broome Shorthorns Australia’s Austin’s Idol sire is calculated at +44 kilograms, while its accuracy is 80 per cent.

The Nero S.S. James is a breed variety from Broome Shorthorns Australia, which has produced females with minimum gestation period and high maternal qualities. This red and white Nero sire was bred by Artificial Insemination and is a polled horn gene variety. The EBVs of this sire are +7 kilograms of milk and +23 kilograms of carcass weight.

The Glengryon Matador from Broome Shorthorns Australia has features such as softness, fine eye pigment and marbling traits.

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