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Shorthorns cattle from Broome Shorthorns Australia

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Broome Shorthorns Australia  specialise in the breeding of shorthorns cattle. Broome Shorthorns Australia is in the Riverina range of New South Wales, situated on the banks of the Yanko Creek.  

Broome Shorthorns Australia purchased heifers from Lone Pine herd. Wynward Wallflower, Wynward Wayward, Wynward Watermaid and Wynward Wheaton are the heifers which formed the basis of the Broome Shorthorns Australia.

Broome Shorthorns Australia expanded into stud Angus in the year 1998. Broome Shorthorns Australia had 200 active females on the stud register in the year 2007. The stud maintains a breeding programme which helps to breed calves with healthy traits. The breeding programme includes both the artificial insemination method and the embryo transfer method.  

Broome Shorthorns Australia have used various sires for their breeding programme.  The sires used for the breeding programme are Broome Quality in the year 1987, Broome Oregon in the year 1983, Belmore Matterhorn in the year 1986, Lone Pine Lace in the year 1976 and Marellan Fernando in the year 1981. Sires and bulls of Broome Shorthorns Australia stud have took part in many shows and have won titles. Broome Shorthorns Australia stud won the Shorthorn Breeder 2002 award for the Southern part of New South Wales and Victoria.

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