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Fischer GL4 Front & Rear Mountable Vineyard & Orchard Mower
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Fischer BV2, Heavy Duty Unique Expandable Deck Mower from Fischer Australis
Heavy duty, expandable deck mower for the highest demands
Embankment Maintenance Mowers and Slashers- CLIPPER by Fischer Australis
Unique, up or downward verge/embankment mower
Multi- Purpose Mulcher and Herbicide Layer BV2F and BV2H by Fischer Australis
The BV2 is a machine that combines both mulching and the application ...
Fischer SL2 / 3 & 4, Ultimate Orchard Mower with Hydraulic Side-Shift from Fischer Australis
Fischer SL 2/3/4 for mid-row to undertree mowing featuring hydraulic ...
Fischer SL Undertree Orchard Mower (OPTI Belt Powered) by Fischer Australis
Fischer GL4 & GL5, Vineyard and Orchard Mowers from  Fischer Australis
Hydraulic Brush Weeders (BV2 & TWISTER System) For Chemical Free Weed Control from Fischer Australis
Fischer BV2 + HDS-2T-400 or 600 Precision Vineyard & Orchard Transformer
Hydraulically powered and liftable swivel-arm disc cutters