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Beneficial bugs to control pests from Bug Central

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Bug Central  specialise in pest control products. Bug Central products can be used in gardens and lawns to decrease the usage of pesticides. Products from Bug Central can control common pests such as aphids, mites, lace bugs, millipedes and whiteflies. Bug Central supply a wide range of bugs which can be released in gardens to control these common pests.

Bug Central possess experience and expertise in the field of pest control for horticultural purposes. Bug Central have found a way to achieve pest control using beneficial insects, because chemical pesticides are not economical and sustainable. Bug Central pest controls are available in affordable and easy to use home packs.

Aphids are pests commonly found in plants including roses, fruit trees and vegetables. A range of chemical pesticides which can remove all the predators and parasites is available. The disadvantage of these chemicals is that reinfestation can occur. To avoid this, Lacewings are used as pest controls against aphids.

Lacewings swallow all common pest varieties and are especially efficient with aphids. Olive growers use Lacewings to control olive lace bugs. Bug Central guarantee that Lacewings can also be used by Azalea and Rhododendron growers.

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