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Encarsia Formosa for pest control from Bug Central

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Bug Central  provide different kinds of products and services to control pests in gardens and lawns. Encarsia Formosa, one of the pest control products from Bug Central, is a tiny parasitic wasp which controls greenhouse whitefly and poinsettia whitefly. The product comes in the form of 'cards'. Each card contains 100 black parasitised whitefly scales.

After the cards are placed in the garden, Encarsia Formosa larvae hatch out within few days. The adult Encarsia Formosa lays eggs on the whitefly larvae. The Encarsia Formosa develops inside the whitefly larvae and the adult emerges after two weeks. In warmer weather, the development takes place within 10 days and in cooler weather it may take up to 31 days.

Bug Central supply Nematodes to control millipedes. The microscopic worm Nematodes can be bred using artificial techniques and are available for mass release. Late autumn and winter are the appropriate seasons to release Nematodes in the garden.

Millipedes swallow the Nematodes along with the feed. The Nematodes bore their way into the guts of the millipedes, causing bacterial infections. The Nematodes then reproduce in the dead millipede. Nematodes find their way back into soil and start their next infection cycle.

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