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Lacewings and Cryptolaemus pest control products from Bug Central

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Bug Central  offer a wide range of pest control products such as Lacewing, Cryptolaemus, Encarsia, Persimilis, and millipede control. Lacewings can be used in home gardens to control common pests such as aphids, mealybugs, mites, scale insects, white flies and moth eggs.

Lacewings are available in two packs such as the ‘Small Garden’ pack, that contains 300 larvae in the immature stage and the ‘Large Garden’ pack that contains 600 larvae. Within a period of 12 days, these larvae could grow up to 8mm in size and reach the pupa stage. The next process is to emerge out as adults which occurs in another nine days. The adult females are capable of laying up to 600 eggs. Lacewings perform well in warmer regions. However, they can tolerate all climatic conditions including those in greenhouses.

Cryptolaemus, another pest control product from Bug Central, provides effective control for young soft scales and mealybugs. Cryptolaemus is effective in protective areas such as indoors and greenhouses. It is in these areas where mealybugs are difficult to control. The Cryptolaemus pest control product from Bug Central contains 40 Cryptolaemus lady birds. The adult lady birds lay around 10 eggs everyday into the mealybug egg masses.

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