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Supplier news
04/09/08 - Biocontrol agents from Bugs For Bugs can be used for commercial applications. These include Aphytis, Chilocorus, Cryptoleamus, fly parasites, lacewings, Montdorensis, Persimills and Trichogramma. Aphytis are scale parasite wasps that are small and ye
Supplier news
03/09/08 - Bugs For Bugs distribute rootstock seeds in the citrus industry. Seeds are extracted from trees that are grown with proper care and under QDPI&F supervision.
Supplier news
02/09/08 - Bugs For Bugs produce beneficial insects for use as biological control agents. Constant monitoring of rearing systems ensures continuous production of beneficial insects. Bugs For Bugs use 250 tonnes of butternut squash and 24 tonnes of wheat to prod

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