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Biocontrol agents from Bugs For Bugs

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Biocontrol agents from Bugs For Bugs can be used for commercial applications. These include Aphytis, Chilocorus, Cryptoleamus, fly parasites, lacewings, Montdorensis, Persimills and Trichogramma. Aphytis are scale parasite wasps that are small and yellow in colour. They are proficient in short flights, either within the tree or from one tree to another. Aphytis target pests such as Oriental scale (Aonidiella orientalis), Red scale (Aonidiella aurantii), and Oleander scale (Aspidiotus nerii).

Bugs For Bugs provide another biocontrol agent, green Lacewings, that are general predators with four wings. These lacewings lay about 600 eggs and their life span is about four weeks long. The greenhouse whitefly, aphids, moth eggs and small caterpillars are a few of the target pests of lacewings.

The moth egg parasite from Bugs For Bugs is a trichogramma biocontrol agent, which is used to control caterpillar pests in horticultural and farming applications. Trichogramma pertiosum targets loopers and Heliothis, while trichogramma carverea targets codling moth, fruit stem borer and many more. Bugs For Bugs’ spalangia is useful for controlling flying pests and they do not harm any other species or humans.

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