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Biological control agents from Bugs For Bugs

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Bugs For Bugs  produce beneficial insects for use as biological control agents. Constant monitoring of rearing systems ensures continuous production of beneficial insects. Bugs For Bugs use 250 tonnes of butternut squash and 24 tonnes of wheat to produce their insects. For producing the biological control agents, Bugs For Bugs maintain 50 climate controlled rooms.

Bugs For Bugs consist of four rearing systems that are divided into beneficial insects for scale insects, mealybugs, moth parasites, lacewings, and fly parasites to control flies. Bugs For Bugs also provide crop monitoring services to help the farmers and crop growers employ the Integrated Pest Management system. Bugs For Bugs has also provided IPM consulting services in countries such as Thailand, Morocco and Jordan.

Biological control plays an important role in any kind of IPM programme. The biological control agents are termed as parasites or predators. Ladybird beetles, preying mantis and lacewings are some of these predator insects. The feeding process and development occur on the pests at various stages such as egg, larva and adult stage.

Bugs For Bugs have conducted contract based researches for evaluating the compatible materials for IPM. The research also includes the effects of IPM on the biological control agents.

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