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Bugs For Bugs offer crop monitoring services

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Insect biological control agents are known as parasites or parasitoids. Insect parasites or parasitoids lay eggs into or on a specific life stage of the pest. When the eggs hatch, the larvae start to feed on the host and grow into adults entirely on the host.

Biological control is classified into three categories - classical biological control, augmentative biological control and conservation biological control. 

Bugs For Bugs distribute rootstock seeds in the citrus industry. Seeds are extracted from trees that are grown with proper care and under QDPI&F supervision. The extracted seeds are treated in hot water, chlorine and fungicide to maintain quality.

Rockstocks are available for Sweet orange, Trifoliata, Emperor, Volkameriana, Rough lemon, Troyer citrange, Cleopatra, Swingle, Benton, C35, X639 and flying dragon.

Bugs For Bugs offer crop monitoring services by a team of pest scouts who visit each orchard at regular intervals. The pest scouts identify both pests and beneficial insects and understand how they interact in an orchard. The pest scouts also recommend practices that improve the environment for beneficial insects. The scouts use a 10X hand lens and a sampling card as their study tools.

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