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Bull-Mixa concrete mixers make concrete mixing a one man job

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David Hollingsworth from Carmila, South of Mackay says that Bull Mixa concrete mixers turn the task of concrete mixing into a one man job.

Given that these concrete mixers incorporate scales with a read out in the cab, David first works out the proportions he needs, then fills the Bull Mixa in two stages.

First he fills half the metal and sand. Then he puts in the cement and then fills the rest before putting in the water.

David is paid by the post and the Bull Mixa concrete mixer has allowed him to increase his productivity from 10 or 11 posts a day when using a conventional hand loaded cement mixer up to 30 posts a day.

Emptying these concrete mixers is also simpler. It is just a matter of tipping the concrete out, like emptying a glass of water, and as that can be done while it is still agitating, the mix is always uniform.

David also points out that being in front of the operator makes it simple to use and on the skid steer loader it is very manoeuvrable.

Another point is that it is possible to empty it 3m up in the air. Therefore, it is easy to concrete the top loading ramp of a double system. Also, by putting a funnel in the top of a pipe post, it is possible to fill it without having to lift the concrete by hand in 20 litre buckets.

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