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Cattle and mares from Bunda Station land system

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Bunda Station , a division of Inverway Station, represent the Bunda Station land system, which is a rural property located in Western Australia. With an annual rainfall record of 20 inches, the Bunda Station land system is rich in red gravel ridges and black soil flats. Bunda Station contain 15,000 cattle and about 100 horses.

Every year, Bunda Station conduct a sport event for Bunda stock horses. Bunda Station operate two studs, the Brahman stud and the Bunda stockhorse stud. The brahman stud of Bunda Station breeds cattle and the stockhorse stud breeds horses.

Bunda Station’s Brahman stud uses stud bulls acquired from Alawah Studs, Lancefield and Tartrus. The stud implements artificial insemination programmes using ‘Ricardo’ as the main sire. About 100 heifers are reared through artificial insemination prorgammes annually.

Bunda Station contain about 400 breeding varieties of cows. Kimberly and the Pilbra areas in Western Australia are the main places where these cows are sold. Prior to 2004, Bunda Station were also rearing red bulls.

Some of the stud sires available at Bunda Stud include the Elrose Dandy, Elrose Sir Donald, Lancefield Norris, Lanes Creek Navigator and Lochlea Casear.

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