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Bürkert’s new digital positioners with no air bleed at rest

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article image 2. Type 8791 Basic remote positioners

Burkert Fluid Control Systems ' new series of digital positioners is designed for expanded process control possibilities, without any of the draw-backs of traditional methods, including zero air bleed at rest position.

Type 8791 Basic Positioner, 8792 Positioner and Type 8793 Positioner with integral Process Controller are equally for use with quarter turn and linear process valves, as well as virtually any pneumatically controlled instrument such as non-Bürkert valves, cylinders and dampers. The positioners are available as direct mount or remote versions, all with IP65/67 housings for robust service even in challenging environments.

A large, backlit LCD display guides direct four button programming giving the option of computer or direct inputs as well as direct parameter readout. Devices come with built-in multi-tier security settings to stop ‘busy fingers.’

The digital positioners have an integrated pilot valve system which uses filtered and recycled air, avoiding contamination by poor quality air (a frequent cause of positioner failure). The pilot system is designed for low air use and no air use at the rest position. They control up to 150 litres per minute for both spring return and double acting actuators; a significant jump on traditional positioners.

For each type, a single unit is used for double acting and spring return type actuators with the same control functionality across all devices. The true IP65/67 ingress protection is reached with double seals, tough aluminium housing and high quality materials used throughout. With digital technology, automatic positioner tune and process tune features have been included with one-minute push button commissioning even for full PID units. The digital technology further delivers unlimited feedbacks and features simply not possible with old-style positioners, particularly when fieldbus network interfaces are utilised.

Referring to Bürkert’s new digital positioners and the ELEMENT range of control valves, managing Director Chris Hoey says, “Smart features like same function across product lines help our partners in industry to decrease training and operational issues with a single system of technologies designed to work together.

“Adding to our process control package of German manufactured valves, pneumatics, instruments and controllers, the new digital positioners show why Bürkert is the ideal partner in fluid control systems.”

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