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Liquid storage tanks from Bushmans

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Bushmans  provide liquid storage tanks and accessories for personal and agricultural use. With a reliable distribution network, Bushmans deliver a range of products throughout Australia. With the head office at Sydney, Bushmans have numerous factories around the country and a vast distribution network consisting of servicing centres.  

The Bushmans rainwater storage tank is made out of polyethylene and is flexible and durable as a single piece unit. The tanks are roto moulded into one piece with no joints. Bushmans rainwater storage tanks control water supply and also provide water that is pure and healthy.

Bushmans rainwater storage tanks provide water that is free from chemicals and toxins. Bushmans rainwater storage tanks can provide a specific water supply for homes, livestock, pets, garages, sheds, bushfire supply and gardening. Bushmans tanks can be fixed in homes with or without the main supply of water. The tanks come with an option of being placed on a concrete block.

Bushmans supply rainwater tanks with additional fittings such as overflow, outlets, leaf strainers and ball valves. The leaf strainer prevents the growth of algae in the rainwater tank.

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