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Rainwater storage tanks from Bushmans

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Rainwater storage tanks from Bushmans collect rainwater that does not come in contact with the soil. The rainwater, collected using these rainwater storage tanks, is free from any contamination of bacteria, salts, minerals or heavy metals. The water diverter fixed to the tank diverts the first flow of water away from the collection tank.    

Bushmans tanks consist of a strainer that collects all the dust particles and solids from gutters and downpipes. The tank strainer must be cleaned regularly. The roofing material or the roof paint used in the water tanks can contaminate the water. To avoid this, Bushman tanks use roofing materials such as colourbond, concrete tiles, clay tiles, glazed tiles, treated fibro and zincalume to construct their tanks.  

Bushmans tanks are durable and therefore, can be used for a long time. Horizontal ribs are placed around the tank so that the wall has extra strength to avoid leakage or other issues. With a thick base, Bushmans tanks have the capacity to withstand any pressure or breakage issues. Bushmans provide water storage tanks with a vital rod facility and as a result, can be used for larger quantities as the rod provides strength. These water storage tanks are corrosion proof and come in various colors.

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