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Residential and commercial tanks from Bushmans

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Bushmans  offer a variety of water tanks, suitable for residences, livestock, garages, sheds, small habitations, gardens, fire blaze supply, animals and pets. Bushmans use Hexene, a six-strand polyethylene polymer, for manufacturing their rainwater tanks. Bushmans tanks are moulded with horizontal ribs around the tank to provide extra strength. 

Bushmans provide different kinds of tanks with varying features for different requirements. Bushmans tanks provide small round tanks and small slimline tanks for residential usage. Bushmans' residential water storage tanks come in different sizes that include 5000 litres, 4200 litres, 2550 litres and 1500 litres.  

The 5000 litre Bushman water tank can be used to refill swimming pools and water big lawns. It can be used to supply water for 500 horses or cattle per week. Bushmans supply slimline rainwater storage tanks in varying quantities, suitable for different needs.

The chemical free water in the slimline water tank can be used for refilling fish tanks and for cooking. Bushman offer large and medium sized tanks of 10,000 and 15,000 litres for rural usage such as washing livestock and farming.  Bushman provide a wide range of tank accessories such as the Strainblk, Strblk, Straincovlarge and Flexihose.

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