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The CALCLEAR Water Conditioner was launched in 1997, introducing a new technology in water conditioning. Today, CALCLEAR Water Conditioners have a range that consists of Water Buddy, Sentinel, Digital and Hydro Series 80-200, delivering a superior treatment that enhances the treatment per litre/sec of heavily mineralised water.


Supplier news
07/07/11 - Calclear digital water conditioners change the mineral crystals in water into tiny particles. This is both a prevention and a cure for most scaling and corrosion problems.
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10/06/11 - CALCLEAR Water Conditioners are ideal for use in hydroponic lettuce growing applications, and trials are underway to determine if the benefits offered can be realised in other plants.
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25/02/11 - The new solar power water conditioners developed by CALCLEAR Water Conditioners offer more versatility in their application and installation.
Supplier news
11/08/09 - Southern Irrigation Bunbury suggested and priced a Calclear Hydro 200 Water Conditioner system for Capel Golf Course in WA.

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