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Calclear Treats Iron at Capel Golf Course with Hydro 200 Water Conditioner system

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Capel Golf Club, located in Bunbury WA, was experiencing a large maintenance issue with Iron deposits blocking up their small pipe work and approached Southern Irrigation and Pumping in Bunbury Western Australia for advice. In particular they reported Iron deposit blockages at the extremities of their mainlines where pipe work changed size from 150mm-100mm-50mm-25 mm for single sprinklers.  

Southern Irrigation Bunbury suggested and priced a Calclear Hydro 200 Water Conditioner system. Calclear’s electronic system is fitted to the outside of pipes and creates an electromagnetic field through which mineralised water passes. Calclear’s electromagnetic field prevents minerals from bonding as usual and forces them to stay in solution instead. Calclear Hydro 200 Water Conditioner systems effectively reduce scale build up, and also assist in reducing scale already accumulated on pipe walls.  

During the installation at Capel Golf Club Bunbury, a removable spool piece was installed to observe the Iron build up within the pipe work and cut out an exisiting mainline piece to inspect. The pipe contained about 10mm of Iron reducing bacteria biofouling (scaling).  

After the Hydro 200 Calclear Hydro 200 Water Conditioner system was installed, the President of the Club, Mick Templeman, arranged a trial to compare each of the two nine holes, one with and one without Calclear Water Conditioner treatment in place. The comparative testing of particle counts of iron in the water at the beginning, middle and end of retic pipes using accredited methods on both the Control and Calclear treated bores, showed that the Calclear Hydro 200 Water Conditioner system consistently kept Iron in solution.  

The particle count in Calclear treated water did not drop between the beginning and end of the pipe, whereas the Control bore showed that Iron was coming out of solution and the particle count had dropped.  

With this testing over a year the Club has also observed the following:  

  1. Fewer sprinkler pipe blockages  
  2. Reduction of biofouling within the pipe work as Calclear “conditioned “ water has the capacity to mobilise exisiting scale.
  3. Conditioned water alters the availability of Iron for Bacterial uptake.
  4. Higher iron levels measured from Calclear bore due to existing pipework Iron being mobilised when compared to control bore.
  5. Better soil wetting ability using Calclear treated bore water.
  6. Increased nutrient uptake observed by healthier, greener greens on Calclear treated 9 holes.
  7. Improved bore appearance.
  8. Signage on the course easier to clean – iron deposits softer and easily removed  
As a result of the Calclear trial, Capel Golf Club have now ordered another Calclear Hydro 200 Hydro 200 Water Conditioner system to treat the second set of 9 holes.

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