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Vacuum cleaning machines, like VacTrax from CGB Services are able clean out under your shearing shed quicker and much easier then traditional shovel and wheel barrow.

As there is no strain put on your workers due to less manual labour, the VacTrax reduces time and injury to workers

VacTrax uses suction to remove unwanted material

  • Vactrax has a 150mm (6inch) suction hose and sucks material up to (5inches) in diameter up to 50m in distance
  • Vactrax is powered by a 100 horse power turbo diesel engine with a twin impeller (20 inch) suction fan
  • Fills a small tip truck in 15 minutes with sheep manure from under a shearing shed
  • Suck dirt, rock and mud from the bottom of a well up to 30 meters vertically
The VacTrax ensures easy cleaning of bulk spillages of wet matter, dry matter or slurry
The VacTrax is able to reach into hard to reach places, using only the hose, making it capable of completing tasks that other machinery can not.

Clean out irrigation and clean out stock wells to maximise the amount of available water.

Questions about this product

Would like to know more about the VacTrax sheep manure vacuum, Price,dimentions , running costs, ware of parts. I live south of Adelaide and have contacts all over S.A., being a wool classer for 42 years
We do not sell our machine - we actually work it ourselves on an hourly basis of $250.00 per hour which includes two men to operate it.
Just wondering costs on by the hour or day or how much you suck out roughly?
We charge an hourly rate of $250 which includes the machine and two men to operate it.
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