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Industrial chemicals from CSBP

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CSBP  manufactures industrial chemicals such as sodium hydroxide, sulfuric acid, fluosilicic acid and urea for various industrial and agricultural applications. The Chemicals division of CSBP is a major supplier of industrial chemicals to industries across Australia.

Sodium hydroxide is commercially known as caustic soda and is corrosive to many metals such as aluminium and even to the skin. Sodium hydroxide is a liquid chemical that is colourless, odourless and viscous. It is ideally used by alumina industries. 

Hot caustic soda from CSBP is mixed with ground bauxite in a digester vessel in refineries to dissolve the alumina and separate it from the other constituents of the ore. Caustic soda can also be used in the manufacturing process of soaps, synthetic detergents and industrial cleaners.

CSBP also manufactures sulfuric acid, an industrial chemical used for the production of quality fertilisers. Sulfuric acid is also used in processing steel, cellulose fibre and in petroleum refining industries.

More commonly, sulfuric acid is used in batteries and in the manufacture of sulphate chemicals including sulphates of ammonia, copper, aluminium, magnesium, zinc and iron. Sulfuric acid is a dense, oily, colourless liquid that is highly corrosive and reactive. It has the ability to dissolve most metals.

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