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Quality liquid fertilisers from CSBP

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CSBP  has been manufacturing and supplying liquid fertilisers to agricultural industries across Australia since 1999. Liquid fertilisers are highly used in broadacre cropping, livestock, horticulture and dairy operations to yield healthy crops and high production.

Liquid fertiliser from CSBP has low salt-out temperatures and near-neutral pHs properties. When used through boom sprayers or modified seeding equipment, it does not block the passage and it can be stored for 12 months or more without deterioration

Flexi-N Premium liquid nitrogen fertiliser manufactured by CSBP is suitable for cereal and canola crops where the convenience of liquid application of nitrogen is preferred. Flexi-NS Premium liquid nitrogen and sulfur fertilisers are suitable for topping up cereal and canola crops in areas with a high sulfur requirement.

The Flexi-NK Premium liquid nitrogen and potassium fertilisers are ideal for supplying lighter soil types with extra potassium and nitrogen in one pass. CSBP also manufactures few economy liquid fertilisers with lower nutrient concentrations.

Liqui-NS Nitrogen and sulfur liquid fertilisers are few types of economy liquid fertilisers suitable for crops where extra sulfur is required. For more than 90 years CSBP has been operating in Western Australia by manufacturing and supplying quality chemicals and fertilisers suitable to the mining, industrial and agricultural sectors.

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