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Pasture Drills from CSN Machinery

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Pasture drills available from CSN Machinery are designed for direct drilling into existing pastures or for establishing new pastures.  

Available in a choice of two models, the pasture drills enable quick upgrading of quality and density of the pasture through the direct drilling process.

Pasture drills from CSN Machinery are available in four sizes: 

  • 10-row pasture drills: 1.8m
  • 13-row pasture drills: 2.3m
  • 16-row pasture drills: 2.9m
  • 19-row pasture drills: 3.4m

The two models include the coulter tyne drill and the tyne drill.

Coulter tyne drills are recommended for use in the improvement of existing pastures where some or all of the existing pasture is intended to be retained. The coulters cut a path ahead of each sowing tyne, which minimises disturbance of the existing pasture.

Tyne drills are generally suitable for situations where pastures are being sown into fully cultivated seed beds, or where any existing pasture has been completely removed by prior spray applications.

The three ranks of tynes provide excellent ability for trash to pass between the tynes during sowing.

To calibrate rates, the handle needs to be simply attached to the gearbox and the metering system operated.

The pasture drills are designed robustly and feature a sturdy construction. The agricultural machinery comes with high flotation tyres as standard.

Key features of pasture drills: 

  • Clamp-on, fully adjustable spring release tynes and coulter assemblies
  • Simple sowing rate adjustment using the wide range gearbox
  • Easy to calibrate rates 
  • Extra large grain and fertiliser compartments
  • Adjustable levelling with high flotation tyres
  • Fluted distributors handle a large variety of seeds
  • Distributors and rubber gates mounted on aluminium shafts
  • Remote greasing facility for grain and fertiliser shaft bearings
  • Dual boot adaptor
  • Available in 3-point linkage or trailing options
  • In-cab electronic hectaremeter
  • Extra large sight glass and lid gas struts on grain and fertiliser box

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