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Secondary Tillage Cultivators from CSN Machinery

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The 5-160 cultivators available from CSN Machinery are suitable for secondary tillage and used in seeding operations in conjunction with an Airseeder unit.  

Offering excellent depth control, the secondary tillage cultivators are designed with a 5-row configuration for superior trash clearance and minimal ridging.

Four series-connected phasing wheel cylinders and wheels within the frame on walking beam axles are incorporated in the secondary tillage cultivators to facilitate good depth control across the full width of the implement.

Capable of carrying an Airseeder unit or fertiliser tanks, the 5-row cultivators also feature proven 620 edge-on tyne assemblies to give excellent digging ability and underframe clearance.

The secondary tillage cultivators are available in basic 53, 69 and 85 tyne models with the 69 and 85 tyne models featuring dual wheels on the centre section as well as wing section.

The cultivators can also fit optional spring tooth harrows, wheel scrapers and extension kits weighing from 2T to 8T.

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