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article image Air Induction Nozzles are used on boom sprays

Recent summer rain fall, combined with data showing that controlling summer weeds (especially early) is profitable, means that boom sprays are in for a summer work out this year.

Summer spraying usually includes chemicals requiring the use of air induction nozzles which produce either medium or coarse droplets. With some nozzles this difference can be observed just by a change of operating pressure.

Care should be taken to compare apples with apples, as some data is provided in ASAE 572 (American Society of Agricultural Engineers) format and some in BCPC (British Crop Protection Council) format.

Australia quotes ASAE 572 in all legislation. The difference between the two can place the same air induction nozzle operating at the same pressure in a completely different group. This can result in the use of incorrect air induction nozzles.

The Billericay Farm Services Air Induction Nozzle, distributed by CW Imports , produces medium or droplets. The difference between the droplet sizes depends on pressure.

These air induction nozzles are fitted as standard by a number of Western Australian boom spray manufacturers. In the last few years, they have developed a strong reputation as being suitable for all season spraying.

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