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Get the edge on Spray Drift

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The unique band of droplets produced by the Air Bubble spray jet which dramatically reduces drift and ensures excellent chemical efficacy is giving farmers and contractors across Australia an edge in their chemical application technology. 

From summer spraying, to applying  pre emergent chemicals to in crop and fungicides applications in spring right through to the Queensland banana growers seeking low drift but applying high water rates in densely populated areas the droplets produced by the Air Bubble Jet is reducing drift and providing  excellent chemical efficacy.In a trial conducted by Landmark last year for CW Imports it showed that the coarse droplet produced by the Air Bubble Jet enables weed kill the same as a standard flat fan nozzle but with up to 75% less drift produced. 

This is a very important trial as it gives spray operators peace of mind in that they can use a nozzle producing very few driftable droplets but still achieve excellent chemical efficacy. Nozzle sales this year appear to be supporting a trend to higher water rates, especially in applying trifluralin into heavy stubble. It is well known that one of the easiest ways to increase chemical efficacy is to increase water rates.

Another product imported by CW Imports that is appealing to machinery operators and boomsprays in particular is the range of Xenon HID Spot and Flood lights. These lights are robust and you can easily replace 2 standard tractor lights with one, resulting in not only greater visibility with a clear white light, but also reducing the draw on the tractors alternator considerably.

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