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Speed and shaft monitors from Cambut Holdings

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Cambut Holdings , suppliers of Dickey Johns products, provide a wide range of monitoring systems and electronic controls. Cambut Holdings supply three types of ground speed sensors - Ispeed, Gspeed and Rador III. The Ispeed acts as a GPS satellite ground pace sensor, whereas the Rador III works as a rador ground pace sensor.

The Gspeed is a converter of the GPS signal into rador speed. Cambut Holdings provide hydraulic solutions in two different types namely, the HydraDrive and Hydraulic Control Manifold. Cambut Holdings have come up with two new controlling systems in the planter control range - the Precision Planter Control System and the Sugarcane Billet Planter Control System. The Precision Planter is used to control seed delivery, while the Sugarcane Billet Planter manages all types of billet planters.

Cambut Holdings distribute new machinery such as the Mini Gac Plus and Soil Compaction Tester from Dickey John. The Mini Gac Plus can be used for testing grain moisture. The Compaction Tester is utilised to test the penetration of the crop. Cambut Holdings often take part in various agricultural trade shows in Australia.

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