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Camping-r-us  specialise in the retailing of camping equipments and supply a complete range of indoor and outdoor camping products. The product range of Camping-r-us includes backpacks, sleeping bags, compasses, binoculars, hats made in Australia, hammocks, toilets, chescold fridges, and camp kitchen sets.

Backpacks are available in different models such as Day Packs, Hyking, Hybrid Packs and Travel Packs from leading brands like One Planet, Caribee, and Blackwolf. Backpacks can be used for schools, offices and travelling. Camping-r-us supply different kinds of toilets suitable for tents, shower tents, caravans, toilet tents from leading brands like Coleman, Companion Great and Primus. Camping-r-us also supply chemical-free toilet bio products.

Special products from Camping-r-us include swags and tents of all ranges. Camping-r-us offer product ranges from high-end to inexpensive ranges. The different kinds of swags from Camping-r-us include Galore, Wills, Burke, Oztrail double swags and onland dome swags. Tent varieties include lightweight tents, dome tents, beach domes and canvas tents.

Camping-r-us supply products from all leading manufacturers such as tents and camping equipments from Kookaburra, stove and tent products from Primus, sportiva tents and binoculars from Bushmasters, compasses from Silva, air beds and sleeping beds from Roman. Cooking and clothing accessories are also available in Camping-r-us showrooms.

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