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Cookware and clothing from Camping-r-us

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Camping-r-us  provide an extensive range of camping products such as universal travel adaptors, dome tents accommodating four and six persons for a leisure outing, hydration packs, clothing, lighting and double bladed liner lock knives. The clothing range includes polypropylene thermal long johns, thermal tops and bottoms, thermal underwear, skis, wool tops and hiking wear.

The polypropylene fibre does not absorb moisture and is soft, stretchable, providing comfort. Camping-r-us supply fabrics made from superfine 18.5 micron fibres. Camping-r-us offer travel bags in different colours such as black, blue and orange. The different types of bags include camera bags, laptop bags and heavy-duty canvas bags. The heavy duty canvas bags are designed with pure cotton canvas and double-sided runners with reinforced corners.

Camping-r-us provide binoculars of different zoom capacities that are essential for sight seeing. The pool and open-air brands include Coleman, Sevylor and Ocean Canoes. Camping-r-us supply camper trial tents in dimensions that range from 6 to 12 feet. Camping-r-us also offer eatables and desserts based on the customer’s choice. Cooking utensils from Camping-r-us are burner stoves, griller stoves, barbecues and cookware. Camping-r-us also supply furniture such as chairs, tables, kitchen sets and sky beds.

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