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Cargill Australia supply food and agricultural products

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Cargill Australia  supply food, agriculture and risk management products to the global market. Cargill Australia also handle business operations in oil seed processing, flour milling, grain and oilseed merchandising, cattle feedlotting and beef processing.

Cargill supply grain and oilseeds to domestic and international market. Cargill Australia use 600,000 tonnes of canola, sunflower, cottonseed and soybeans to produce protein meal for animal feed and vegetable oils for margarine, salad dressing and frying. The beef manufacturing unit of Cargill Australia aims to supply quality beef products to the retail industry, food service industry, hotels and restaurants. The beef products are also exported to Korea, China, Taiwan, and Japan.     

Cargill Australia supply freshly extracted canola and sunflower oils to the refineries and help them to reduce the storage and handling of crude oils. Cargill Australia have produced and marketed refined, bleached and deodorised (RBD) vegetable oils, which include RBD Canola oil, RBD Sunflower oil, RBD Soybean oil, RBD Cottonseed oil, which are used as food ingredients for shallow and deep frying. Cargill Australia also supply RBD Palm Olein that can be used as a food ingredient for baking and deep-frying. Cargill Australia also supply flour for bread, pastry, cake, biscuit and noodles.

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