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Big Cropping Operations Reaping Benefits with Steiger 535

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Matthew Steber of Kellerberrin, WA, with his Case IH Steiger 535.   Case IH’s  new Steiger 535 is making a big difference to the efficiency of large cropping operations across the country, including that of WA farmer, Matthew Steber. 

Matthew runs a 7,800-hectare family farming business at Kellerberrin, 50 km west of Merredin, This season he has sown 4,350 hectares of wheat, 1,610 hectares of barley, 556 hectares of lupins, 270 hectares of canola and 390 hectares of peas. 

“We chose the 535 because we needed a tractor that could pull our 18 m Flexi-Coil bar with ease,” Matthew explained. “Due to the size of our program we need a tractor that is reliable. During seeding, we run the tractor around the clock and if we lose any time it’s a significant cost.” 

He said the reliability of the 535 was also an important factor. “If I’ve been in the paddock all day, I don’t want to be worried about whether or not I’ll be woken up at 2am because of a breakdown. The 535 alleviates this stress because we can trust its ability to perform.” 

The 535, the largest in the Case IH Steiger range, is powered by a 15-litre turbocharged engine which is designed to deliver more power to the ground while ensuring fuel economy. It also features a 132 cm (52 inch) front chassis to accommodate the larger cooling system which maintains its reliability and reduces cooling fan requirements compared to smaller designs where coolers are stacked one behind the other. 

Matthew chose the 535 after upgrading from his 450 Quadtrac which had done 2,600 hours. In comparing the two, he said the 535’s ability to perform at a consistent speed, regardless of soil type, is a particular highlight.
“We aim to sow 320 hectares per day at an average speed of 9.8km per hour, compared to 9km on our older tractor. It might not sound like much of a difference, but even sowing at close to 1km faster per hour helps the overall efficiency of our operation.” 

The 535 is fitted with triples, which Matthew says leads to greater flotation and less compaction. “The triples spread the weight of the tractor over a wider area, leading to less compaction, while maximising our traction.”

Matthew’s fleet also includes a Case IH Axial-Flow 8010 combine, a CVX170 front-wheel assist tractor and a Patriot 4260 sprayer. 

“With Case IH, we also get good service from our dealer, Hutton & Northey, which is further peace of mind in the busy seeding and harvesting seasons.”

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