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Case IH Introduces Brand New Titan Floaters

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article image The brand new Case IH Titan 4020 floater

Case IH  introduces the brand new Titan 4020 floaters to its product line-up.  

The 305 HP Titan 4020 floaters are designed to operate in rough conditions, going where modified road trucks cannot. Titan floaters allow farmers to enter very wet or steep paddocks to spread fertiliser without compacting or roughing up the soil.  

Case IH Product Manager, Ross Johansson says that the Titan is ideal for fertiliser spreading in any weather.  

He adds that there has been an increased demand for floaters designed specifically for agricultural applications.  

Modified road trucks typically used by many broadacre farmers and contractors consist of wide tyres placed on the trucks with a fertiliser bin on the back. The Titan floaters are purpose-built machines with a number of advantages over modified road trucks.  

Key advantages of Titan 4020 floaters include: 

  • Gearing and driveline are designed for low speeds and on-farm applications
  • Wide body is far more stable than standard trucks, giving farmers more confidence to spread fertiliser on slopes and uneven ground safely
  • Tyres are far wider than road truck tyres, providing maximum floatation
  • Not subject to the same road transport legislation as trucks, giving more flexibility in use
  • Available as a cab chassis giving customers a choice of locally-made customised bins and attachments

Ross adds that Case IH is in discussions with various local manufacturers to ensure that they can offer customers a complete package customised to their individual operation.  

The Titan uses the same cab, bonnet and engine as the extremely popular Case IH Steiger tractors, making them even more attractive to Case IH customers.  

The commonality of parts, according to Ross is a key advantage as it makes them very cost-effective to own and maintain.

Titan floaters are being considered for versatile applications in diverse environments.  

While broadacre farmers and contractors as well as dairy farmers use Titan to spread dry and liquid fertiliser, sugarcane growers in north Queensland plan to use the floaters as haul out trucks. Additionally, construction contractors see the potential of the Titan as water trucks on site.  

Key features of Titan 4020 floaters include:

  • Transport speed of 75 kph
  • AccuGuide-ready, giving customers the option of adding autosteer using the Case IH AFS Pro 600 monitor
  • Selection of engine speed and gearing is straightforward with a 6-speed Allison MD push button automatic transmission and a 2-speed final drive
  • Adding the optional two-speed auxiliary transmission turns the six-speed transmission into a 12-speed transmission
  • Unrestricted visibility and ergonomically designed controls simplify floater operation
  • Panoramic view for operators with a one-piece curved, tinted thermal windshield
  • A-post instrumentation allows the operator to monitor critical functions without taking eyes off the field
  • Right-hand control panel moves with the seat for easy control of all machine functions

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