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Case IH explains guidelines for using biodiesel and the extra care needed for B20-B100 blends

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Case IH provides a user guide for its customers that use biodiesel with their agricultural machinery.  All of Case IH’s portfolio of farming machinery is fully compatible with B6 biodiesel blends and the majority of its medium to large machinery can use B20 to B100.  

The general guidelines for using biodiesel blends of B6 through to B20 are:

  • store biodiesel in on-site tanks for no longer than a maximum of 3 months
  • check engine oil levels every day and contact Case IH if oil levels increase
  • immediately clean up any biodiesel spills to avoid damage to paint
  • to avoid the risks associate with fuel stability problems do not store equipment with biodiesel in the fuel system for longer than 3 months
  • check operators manual for oil and filter change intervals, which is usually reduced to 300 hours for electronic Case IH high pressure common rail fuel system engines
  • run engines with pure diesel for approximately 30 minutes to flush the system of biodiesel if necessary  
For diesel blends above B20 (20%) greater care is required.  In addition to the B6 – B20 blend guidelines the additional steps should also be adhered to:  
  • only use blends greater than B20 if the air temperature is 5°C or higher
  • check if an update kit is required for machine compatibility with B20 or higher diesel blends
  • protect biodiesel storage tanks from frost and direct sunlight
  • pay careful attention to fuel quality and handling procedures
  • pay greater attention to vehicle service and maintenance  
Contact Case IH or one of its expert dealers for further information on using biodiesel blends of B20 or higher and for details of other special requirements and considerations.

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