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Case IH  offers a range of fuel efficiency systems designed for farmers to get more out of their fuel tanks.  

As farmers continue to strive to maximise profits compared with input costs, fuel efficiency is an obvious target for improvement.  

While farmers demand more fuel efficiency from their tractors, they are unwilling to sacrifice performance.  

Case IH’s engineers have already found a number of ways to do this and are constantly working to find ways to make engines even more fuel efficient.  

“While there are plenty of ways that operators can get more out of a tank of fuel, the most effective way to squeeze every last drop of productivity from your tractor is to ensure that it is fitted with state-of-the-art fuel efficiency systems so you don’t even have to think about saving fuel – the tractor does it for you,” said Case IH Marketing Manager, Stuart Brown.  

“Technologies like Automatic Productivity Management (APM), compound turbochargers, direct drive to the PTO and AFS Pro 600 are all examples of ways our engineers have made tractors work smarter as well as harder.”  

Automatic Productivity Management

Case IH’s Automatic Productivity Management (APM) system automatically adjusts engine speed and transmission gear for maximum fuel efficiency, in some cases improving fuel economy by up to 25 per cent, as demonstrated in independent Nebraska tests.  

The APM system achieved a prestigious AE50 Award.  

These fuel efficiency systems, which are also standard on all Steigers, Quadtracs and Magnums built after 2009 automatically adjust both the gear setting and engine rpm to the most fuel-efficient mode for a given load.  

The APM system achieves maximum fuel economy with the use of a proven and reliable full powershift transmission.  

Coupled to a flexible, electronically controlled engine, this provides maximum mechanical efficiency at every forward speed.  

Compound Turbocharger

Case IH’s Steiger 485 has received an AE50 Award for its unique compound turbocharger technology, which results in fuel efficiency gains of up to three per cent in addition to increasing performance and horsepower.  

“It’s the first time turbo compound technology has been used in an agricultural tractor application,” said Stuart. “The technology uses a second turbocharger to convert energy otherwise wasted as exhaust to provide additional power for increased fuel efficiency. The engine also operates with reduced noise, weighs less and takes up less space than the previous engine. The use of two types of turbochargers also provides a more even response over a wide range of engine loading.”  

Direct Drive PTO

In the Maxxfarm, JX, JXU, Maxxum and Puma tractor range, power is taken from the flywheel of the engine (mounted to the left of the transmission), follows the red path to the rear of the tractor without going through any energy-absorbing gear pairs, then into the clutch pack mounted right at the rear of the tractor transmission.  

From there, one gear pair then reverses the shaft’s rotation to get the correct direction at the PTO shaft and select the speed of PTO shaft rotation. All the while, the shaft is kept high out of the transmission oil to avoid drag on gears, which takes power and is pressure lubricated.  

There is no simpler or more efficient way to get power from the engine to the PTO driven implement.  

AFS Pro 600

The AFS Pro 600 display is a fully portable colour monitor that allows operators to manage every detail of the tractor’s performance including fuel consumption and work rate.  

Efficiency statistics can be obtained by paddock, job or day and the system can also estimate the time left to complete tasks as well as the fuel that will be required.    

New Fuel Efficient Tractors

Case IH has brought its extensive experience in creating large, powerful tractors to bear in its new range of smaller tractors, according to Stuart. “These new tractors, mostly under 100 HP in size are ideal for vegetable growers, horticultural operations, orchards, plantations, livestock operations and various small farm tasks.”  

Available in six models ranging from the MAXXFARM 25 to the MAXXFARM 60, the MAXXFARM range has the power to operate sprayers and high powered tillers in horticultural operations as well as the compact size and excellent manoeuvrability needed in orchards and plantations and the versatility to handle a wide range of small farm tasks.  

Available accessories include mower decks and the Maxx-Lift front end loader with standard or 4-in-1 buckets.

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