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New Case IH Magnum 235 takes on big tractor tasks and saves on fuel

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article image The new Magnum 235 will play a critical role in the work being undertaken by Queensland grower’s, Rob and Trevor Kingston

Queensland growers, Rob and Trevor Kingston of Thelingra Pty Ltd, are adding the new Case IH Magnum 235 tractor to their existing agricultural fleet, that already includes an Axial-Flow 2188 combine harvester, a Patriot 3330 sprayer, a Steiger 9250 and an MX 275 tractor.  

The new Magnum 235 is an upgrade to their 5 year old Case IH MXM 175.  The new tractor is larger than its predecessor, and able to take on some of the jobs previously assigned to the much larger MX 275, such as zero till and helping to reduce fuel consumption at the same time.  

Rob explains, “The Magnum 235’s hydraulic flow capacity really stands out during doing zero till work. It has a hydraulic flow capacity of 224 litres per minute, allowing it to simultaneously operate a precision planter at the back and a seeder at the front with ease.  

“The result is reduced fuel consumption by up to 20 per cent because we’re able to use a smaller machine for the same output.”  

The new tractor, along with an STX 485, will also be instrumental in a new project which will see an additional 300 hectares of land being leveled in order to increase irrigation area and yields.  

Their typical annual yields are currently 8 - 12 MT/ha of corn, 7 - 10 MT/ha of sorghum, 4 MT/ha of wheat and barley and 8 - 11 bales per hectare for cotton.  

Rob says “The Magnum 235 will be an essential part of this project when it comes to the fertilising and heavy tillage required to generate a suitable seed bed after the earthmoving is complete,”  

For the Kingstons selling points of the Magnum 235 tractor include:

  • easy to read Pro 700 touch screen monitor
  • high horsepower
  • non-compliance with US Tier 4 emissions controls
  • simple engine technology
  • nimble maneuverability
  • excellent visibility
  • impressive turning radius

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