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Simplicity equals success for Queensland farmer thanks to Case IH machinery and finance products

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article image Troy Parchet of Creekside Fresh, QLD, uses Case IH machinery and finance packages to simplify farming operations

Queensland vegetable grower, Troy Parchert, has simplified his vegetable farming operation with machinery and finance packages from Case IH .

Troy and his father Barry, run Creekside Fresh in Gatton, Queensland, where about 14 hectares is dedicated to the turf production of two main crops, lettuce and cauliflower.

Troy and Barry own 11 Case IH machines, including four they purchased at the end of the last financial year. Those most recent purchases are a Maxxum 110, JX 80 cab, JXU 105 and a JXU 85.

They already owned a Maxxum 255, JXU 90, two CX 90s, a CX 70, a JX 75 and a JX 65. Most of the machines are used across a variety of tasks and are in use six days per week during harvest, generally with seasonal employees at the controls. The MX 255 is usually reserved for hoeing duties, while the new JXU 105 is generally dedicated to herbicide boom spraying.

Troy says he always chooses Case IH finance when he purchases new Case IH machinery. “We’ve always done it that way. We buy Case IH because we get excellent local aftersales service from Ag Requirements in Gatton, and we choose Case IH finance for new gear because organising it through the dealership is simple and the rate is competitive.”

Further to this, Troy's decision to select a loan and goods mortgage for his purchases, which immediately transfers title to him, meant Troy was eligible for the Federal Government tax break incentive when he bought his new tractors.

“The Federal Government tax break was a nice incentive for buying these new tractors, though it wasn’t the main motivator for the purchase. We decided to order four new tractors at once because we thought it was the right time to lock in a good rate. Normally we’d probably only buy one or two machines at a time, but we saw a good opportunity here. The tax break is definitely a bonus that is worth a good few thousand dollars when you’re buying four new tractors at once.”

While the loan and goods mortgage product was ideal for Troy, other finance packages have different features that might be more appropriate for other operations. 

Case IH dealerships have a broad range of specialist equipment finance packages on offer to suit customers’ varying requirements, from farmers looking for tax effective accounting strategies and improved cashflow, to those wanting the latest equipment without having to worry about maintenance.

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