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Water Shortage Encourages Farmers to Diversify

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David and Tammy Litzow of Black Crow Organics in QLD,  chose the Case IH JX1100U for harvesting their desiree potatoesQueensland farmer David Litzow made the move into organics two years ago, after realising that vegetable farming would require less water than his lucerne and barley operation. Diversifying his farm meant diversifying his machinery too, and he recently upgraded his equipment, adding the versatile Case IH JX1100U to his fleet.

David previously grew lucerne and barley for stock feed on horse studs and dairy farms. “Lucerne needs a lot of water and we simply didn’t have it, so we had to diversify,” David explained. “The vegetables allow us to use less water because we’ve been able to move to a trickle irrigation system for some of our crops such as pumpkin.”

“When we switched farming strategies, we needed more gear to handle the work. The JX1100U appealed to us because we needed a versatile tractor in the 100 Hp range. It’s also got row-crop wheels and is easy to manoeuvre, making it well suited to vegetable growing. 

“As veggie growers, we tend to use a wide range of attachments from rotary hoes to bed formers and chisel ploughs. Given that all of our attachments operate on a 100 Hp tractor, the JXU was a good fit.” 

Along with this, the JXU’s front-end loader compatibility made it ideal for use across David’s operation. “The front-end loader is a bonus, particularly for lifting the harvested crops of potatoes.”

David also chose a JX90 tractor, upgrading from a MX80C model. “Our operation is really only just starting to grow, so for us it’s vital that we have the equipment to get the job done,” he said.  

On average, David’s operation, Black Crow Organics, produces 14-19 tonnes per hectare of pumpkin and potatoes, and around 0.16 tonnes of broccoli per hectare. He also grows zucchinis, but the yields are variable and difficult to estimate.

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