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Front end loader from Case IH
18.10.2012 - The Case IH Vision Lift front end loader offers a safe, strong, and reliable engineering innovation to any farm.
Case IH supports growers to take precision agriculture to the next level
05.03.2012 - Case IH Product Manager for Precision Agriculture, Liam Connolly believes that the vast majority of Australian farmers could dramatically increase their yields and profits through precision agricultur
New Case IH Steiger 4WD tractors leave the competition in their tracks
02.03.2012 - According to Case IH Product Manager Tim Fanning, the new Steiger 600 tractor is superior to a key competitor model in the market in several aspects.
NSW cotton grower reaps the benefits with the new Case IH Magnum 340
24.01.2012 - The Case IH Magnum 340 is the top of the new range of tractors and offers fuel efficiency, extra power, front wheel assist and much more.
Free Harley Davidson when purchasing a Case IH Puma tractor before 31 March 2012
23.01.2012 - Exclusive free Harley Davidson Sportster Irondeal for farmers that purchase a Puma Long Wheel Base CVT tractor before 31 March 2012.
New Case IH Magnum 235 takes on big tractor tasks and saves on fuel
20.01.2012 - The new Magnum 235 is proving invaluable to these Queensland growers; taking on extra jobs and increasing fuel efficiency.
Buy a Case IH Maxxfarm tractor by the end of March 2012 and receive a $1,500 Visa gift card
18.01.2012 - The Maxxfarm range of tractors is ideal for small farms with many large tractor features; purchase before April for a $1,500 visa gift card.
Case IH explains guidelines for using biodiesel and the extra care needed for B20-B100 blends
16.01.2012 - Case IH's farming vehicles are biodiesal ready; guidelines are provided for the use of blends up to and greater than B20.
Good practice guidelines for the use of biodiesel from Case IH
12.01.2012 - Case IH fully supports the use of biodiesel and biodiesel blends and recommends always following best practice guidelines.
All new Case IH Steiger 400 does the work of 2 older tractors
11.01.2012 - Case IH has added 6 all-new models to its Steiger tractor range. One Steiger 400 will replace 2 older tractors at Wilani Pastoral.
New Case IH Axial-Flow 30 Series combine harvesters to celebrate 35 years of Axial-Flow
10.01.2012 - Case IH is celebrating 35 years of its unique Axial-Flow combine harvester technology with the launch of a new generation, the new 30 Series Axial-Flow.
New Case IH Magnum 340 tractor set to grow with young farmer’s business
22.12.2011 - Western Australian farmer Brett Warr added the Case IH Magnum 340 to his fleet of tractors due to its capacity to grow with his business.
Case IH's Elton Long, ‘father of loader/backhoe’ inducted into hall of fame
28.11.2011 - Elton Long revolutionised the loader/backhoe in the 50's, with an integrated, stronger and more versatile design.
New Case IH Magnum and Steiger tractors prove popular at local Ride and Drive days
17.11.2011 - These completely new tractors from Case IH have been designed to offer increased fuel efficiency, power and comfort.
New model Case IH Quadtrac models impress Australian farm manager
15.11.2011 - These new model Case IH Quadtrac models offer improved performance, comfort and efficiency thanks to a variety of new features.
Case IH provides spare parts service with its Pro Harvest trailer
04.11.2011 - Wheat growers and contractors should keep a look out for the Pro Harvest trailer touring the East coast with specialist parts this crop season.
Scout Utility Vehicle Range from Case IH
09.08.2011 - The Case IH Scout Utility Range offers the go-anywhere ruggedness that farmers look for in a quad bike with the safety and storage capacity of a utility vehicle.
Bruce Healy appointed new Sales and Marketing Director for Case IH
19.07.2011 - Case IH welcomes their new Sales and Marketing Director, Bruce Healy, has will be leading the Case IH business in Australia.
Case IH launches new versions of the Case IH Steiger, Quadtrac and Magnum tractors
06.07.2011 - Thanks to the global initiative for high horsepower engines to suit new emission regulations, Case IH has taken the opportunity to produce new versions of their popular tractors.
Case IH launches new precision Ag tool - the AFS Pro 700 display
23.03.2011 - The new AFS Pro 700 display is a 10.4-inch colour touch screen that can be used to monitor and control Case IH vehicles, guidance systems and implements.
Case IH wins gold medal for harvesting innovation
10.01.2011 - A new automatic vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) synchronisation technology has won a Gold medal in the SIMA Innovation Awards.
Case IH Introduces Brand New Titan Floaters
20.10.2010 - Case IH introduces the brand new Titan 4020 floaters to its product line-up.
4.95% Fixed Finance Rate on New Case IH Puma Tractors
22.09.2010 - Case IH has just made it easier than ever to choose a tractor from the versatile Puma range by offering an unbeatable low 4.95 per cent fixed finance rate.
Case IH Debuts Brand New Quantum C Series of Tractors
21.09.2010 - A compact frame and superior power are the highlights of the all-new Quantum C series of tractors unveiled by Case IH recently.
Case IH Patriot 3330 Sprayers offer Premium Features for Small-to-Medium Operations
27.08.2010 - The all-new Case IH Patriot 3330 sprayer has been built with all the premium features incorporated in the Patriot 4420, making it ideal for small-to-medium sized operations.
New Patriot 4420 Sprayers from Case IH Offer Significant Advancements
26.08.2010 - Case IH has upgraded its Patriot sprayer line with the introduction of their new model Patriot 4420 to the market.
Case IH’s Puma range of tractors
12.08.2010 - Case IH’s Puma range of tractors combine broadacre capability with row crop power to create a versatile, tough workhorse that can handle just about any on farm task.
Deferred Tractor Finance Program from Case IH
07.07.2010 - Case IH’s Steiger and Magnum fuel-efficient tractors help growers maximise productivity and minimise costs.
Self-Propelled Sprayers from Case IH
06.07.2010 - With the drought easing in some parts of Australia, along with an increased take-up of GPS and auto steer functions, self-propelled sprayers have become more popular according to Case IH Brand Manager
Precision Agriculture Guides Farm Strategy
05.07.2010 - Case IH offers a range of farm equipment designed to assist precision agriculture operations.
Fuel Efficiency Systems from Case IH
02.07.2010 - Case IH offers a range of fuel efficiency systems designed for farmers to get more out of their fuel tanks.
Farm Equipment Finance from Case IH
01.07.2010 - Farmers should think about the ‘whole of life’ costs of a finance product before selecting a lender to finance farm equipment purchases, says Case IH Marketing Manager Stuart Brown.
Case IH Module Express 625 Allows Growers to Manage Their Crops Single-Handedly
30.06.2010 - With recent rains giving the cotton industry a much-needed boost, Case IH anticipates more demand from cotton growers for technology that helps improve crop management.
Case IH reveals product roadmap for 2010
25.02.2010 - Agricultural equipment manufacturer, Case IH held its annual dealer meeting recently and revealed its product roadmap for 2010.
Case IH recommend adopting precision agriculture technology to make large monetary savings
22.02.2010 - Case IH recently revealed that many Australian farmers have already adopted precision agriculture technology on their new equipment purchases.
Simplicity equals success for Queensland farmer thanks to Case IH machinery and finance products
08.12.2009 - Queensland vegetable grower, Troy Parchert, has simplified his vegetable farming operation with machinery and finance products from Case IH.
Case IH's Pro Harvest trailer is on the road again
13.11.2009 - Case IH’s Pro Harvest trailer travels the Eastern states helping local dealerships to keep contractors and farmers up and running in harvest season.
Case IH dealers deliver near record number of combine harvesters
08.10.2009 - Case IH dealerships are in the midst of delivering the highest number of combine harvesters in many years.
Five New Balers available from Case IH
06.10.2009 - Case IH has launched its new range of balers, including round, large square and small square balers suitable for baling a variety of crops from straw through to silage.
Case IH farmers adapt to deregulated market
21.08.2009 - Deregulation of Australia’s grains industry has provided both challenges and opportunities for Australia’s grain growers who now find themselves in the unique position of deciding who to sell their grain to and when.
Case IH agricultural equipment wins three AE 50 awards
26.07.2009 - A focus on efficiencies and productivity has earned Case IH three prestigious AE 50 Awards from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE).
New fuel-efficient puma tractors arrive
15.07.2009 - Case IH’s Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) is now available as an option on the Puma 165, 180, 195 and 210 tractor models.
2152 rigid draper headers from Case IH
06.07.2009 - Available from Case IH, 2152 rigid draper headers are specifically designed to match combine harvester capacities, crop types and yields.
New initiatives strengthen Case IH aftersales farm machinery support
16.06.2009 - Case IH has renewed its commitment to after farm machinery sales service and support with a number of new initiatives designed to provide faster turnaround on spare parts.
Case IH Magnum 335 tractors tested as the highest horsepower conventional tractor at Nebraska tests
04.06.2009 - Case IH Magnum 335 tractors tested as the highest horsepower conventional tractor in the recent independent Nebraska test report.
Realistic Scale Farm Animals from Case IH
28.05.2009 - Case IH stock a range of model farm animals and fencing from Britains Toys.
The Case IH MXU-125 “Collector Edition" Tractor available from Case IH
26.05.2009 - A limited number of the Case IH MXU-125 “Collector Edition” tractor in the large 1/16 scale are available from the Case IH website.
Case IH farm machinery - Get orders in to gain from proposed tax break
07.05.2009 - The proposed business tax break for equipment purchases will only be available to farmers who order by June 30.
Strong beef industry outlook ideal for equipment upgrades
24.04.2009 - Despite an uncertain global economy, the Australian beef industry remains strong, making now the ideal time to upgrade equipment.
Case IH released first all-new cane harvester in a decade
24.04.2009 - The highly anticipated new Case IH Austoft 8000 series harvester builds on the renowned 7000 series with a host of added improvements to increase productivity, maximise uptime and reduce maintenance d
Vegetable growers mechanising their operations
16.03.2009 - Traditionally, fruit and vegetable farming has been seen as highly labour intensive. The move towards mechanisation has been driven not just by farmers’ growing incomes, but by the deepening shortage of workers.
CASE IH AFS Auto guidance working with Google Earth
06.03.2009 - The latest Case IH AFS Pro auto guidance system will allow operators to set guidance paths from Google Earth Coordinates.
New cane harvester delivers benefits to Australian growers
25.02.2009 - The new 8000 series harvester retains the heart of the renowned 7000 series, but with class-leading enhancements in harvesting capacity and operator comfort.
New Broadacre harvesters, balers and tractors designed for ease of use
24.02.2009 - With contractors and broadacre farmers facing significant challenges finding skilled operators, Case IH has recognised the value of equipment which is easy to use.
Dairy Farmers Want Value and Versitility
10.02.2009 - With the world economy unstable and dairy prices reduced in many Australian areas recently, farmers are looking for equipment that offers value for money and the best possible levels of productivity, says Case IH Marketing Manager Stuart Brown.
Rare Parts Now Easier to Get
04.02.2009 - Farmers with older-model International Harvester (IH) tractors and harvesters can now obtain rare or superseded parts, thanks to a new partnership between CNH Australia and Boss Engineering.
New Broadacre Equipment Desiged for Ease of Use
04.02.2009 - With contractors and broadacre farmers facing significant challenges finding skilled operators, Case IH has recognised the value of equipment which is easy to use. The company’s latest harvesters, balers and tractors are designed to deliver maximum
New Cane Harvester Delivers Benefits to Australian Growers
03.02.2009 - The release of Case IH’s first all-new harvester in a decade comes at an ideal time for Australian cane growers, with the domestic industry expected to cope well in an economic climate that is proving tough on other sugar-producing nations.
$10,000 Biodiesel Research Grant Closing 31 October 2008
03.11.2008 - Farmers, researchers, students and others interested in biodiesels research have just a month left to apply for the $10,000 Case IH Biodiesels Research Grant. Applications close on 31 October.
Driverless Tractors: Case IH Predicts the Future of Precision Agriculture
03.11.2008 - The future of precision AG is full of exciting possibilities, including driverless vehicles equipped with safe detection technology that will lower overall cost of operation and increase return on investment.
JX Tractors Deliver Versatility and Comfort on Farm
03.11.2008 - Dairy farmers, lot feeders, hay makers and those looking for a multi-purpose and versatile tractor should look no further than the Case IH JX tractor and loader with optional 3rd Service and hydro-Ride functions.
Big Cropping Operations Reaping Benefits with Steiger 535
03.11.2008 - Case IH’s new Steiger 535 is making a big difference to the efficiency of large cropping operations across the country, including that of WA farmer, Matthew Steber.
Water Shortage Encourages Farmers to Diversify
03.11.2008 - Queensland farmer David Litzow made the move into organics two years ago, after realising that vegetable farming would require less water than his lucerne and barley operation. Diversifying his farm meant diversifying his machinery too, and he recent
Steiger 535 Delivers Power and Fuel Efficiency
03.11.2008 - Griffith farmer Garry McMaster has always wanted the biggest Case IH tractor he could get and now that he has a Steiger 535, he’s discovered that size and power don’t have to come at the cost of increased fuel consumption.
Expert Advice and Careful Planning Keys to Farming Success
03.11.2008 - Canola growers Doc Fetherstonhaugh and his brother, Barn, look for expert advice to help them manage market fluctuations and ensure profitability on their WA farm.
AIM Command Technology Helps Manage Rising Chemical Costs
03.11.2008 - With the cost of chemicals having doubled over the past two years, contractors and farmers are moving to systems such as Case IH’s AIM Command, which delivers precise and efficient chemical application in a range of field conditions, at speeds of up
New Combine Range Offers the Right Machine for Every Operation
03.11.2008 - Case IH has released a totally renewed and extended line of its industry-leading Axial-Flow combines. Pictured is the new 7120 model.
Case IH to launch Prime-Lift and Vision-Lift front end loader ranges
08.08.2008 - Case IH will officially launch the Prime-Lift and Vision-Lift front end loader ranges. The new front end loader ranges will offer advanced features including a well-designed loader self-levelling system that significantly increases visibility.
Case IH introduces JXU series tractors
05.08.2008 - Case IH has introduced the new generation of JXU tractors. Built for versatile performance across a range of farming operations and particularly suited to dairy and livestock operations, the JXU series will also appeal to local authorities and grass
Case IH’s tractor and sealing system wins AE50 awards
04.08.2008 - Case IH’s commitment to reduced input costs has resulted in a host of prestigious AE50 awards, which recognise innovative designs in agricultural equipment.
Puma tractors, LBX balers available from Case IH
28.07.2008 - Case IH's Puma tractors and LBX large square balers are the ideal package for large-scale haymakers.
Puma, Maxxum tractors available from Case IH
22.07.2008 - Case IH has announced the availability of new model Puma and Maxxum tractor lines in the Australian market.
Case IH streamlines sugar parts supply
21.07.2008 - In a move that further strengthens Case IH's long-term commitment to the sugar industry, the Bundaberg-based spare parts operation is to be integrated into the company’s 65,000sqm parts distribution facility in St Marys in western Sydney.
Steiger tractors available from Case IH
11.07.2008 - For 2008, the Case IH Steiger line introduces five new models including four-wheel drive and Quadtrac configurations with up to 589 peak horsepower and enhanced fuel efficiency.
AIM Command Patriot sprayers from Case IH
08.07.2008 - AIM Command, which is ideal to the Case IH range of Patriot sprayers, allows operators to specify droplet size and pressure from the cab, regardless of water rate or ground speed.
JX series tractors available from Case IH
07.07.2008 - Case IH's next generation of JX series tractors are ideal for small-to-medium sized farming operations and have the power to perform a wide range of tasks in a variety of conditions.
Case IH products win three AE50 Awards
04.07.2008 - The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) has consistently recognised Case IH for its quality in agricultural equipment design.
Case IH's Grand Island Plant to produce WD 3 series windrowers
03.07.2008 - Case IH facility in Grand Island, Neb., where Case IH Axial-Flow combines are manufactured, will soon produce the next generation of Case IH windrowers, along with headers for the windrowers.
AFS Cotton Yield Monitor available from Case IH
02.07.2008 - The Cotton Yield Monitor allows the operator to keep track of yields on-the-go and plan drop-off points for completed modules.
Cotton, sugar growers utilise Case IH’s tractors
30.06.2008 - The cotton and sugar industries are looking up in Queensland after several tough years, according to Case IH Marketing Manager, Stuart Brown.
CVX tractors available from Case IH
27.06.2008 - Poppies are mechanically harvested as straw; however, the harvesting is done using Case IH CVX 170 model tractors rather than combines.
Case IH establishes new national warehouse
26.06.2008 - Case IH has established a national parts database that will make it easier for customers to get the parts they need as soon as possible.
Coolant maintenance services from Case IH
25.06.2008 - Heavy-duty diesel engines, like those in Case IH equipment, are designed with wet sleeve cylinders to allow coolant to circulate on the outside and dissipate heat.
Magnum 335 tractors available from Case IH
24.06.2008 - Case IH Magnum Product Manager, John Dreves said the Magnum 335 is more powerful in this line of tractors since the Magnum was introduced as the 7100 series 20 years ago.
Case IH approves 100% biodiesel use
20.06.2008 - Nearly half of all Case IH models sold globally, including the Axial-Flow 8010 combine, are now approved for 100% biodiesel (B100) use.
Case IH develops remote diagnostics for precision ag components
17.06.2008 - Case IH is currently working to enhance the capabilities of its technology to allow for remote diagnostics and allow systems to be serviced over the wireless internet.
Case IH’s Puma tractors win US machinery innovation award
16.06.2008 - Case IH’s Puma tractor range has won a US machinery innovation award.
Magnum tractors available from Case IH
13.06.2008 - With farm sizes growing significantly over the past decade, farmers in Western Australia are pleased with the versatility, powerful performance and comfort of Case IH’s Magnum tractors.
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