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Natural Zeolites for agricultural applications from Castle Mountain Zeolites

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Castle Mountain Zeolites  provides natural zeolites, suitable for various agricultural applications to improve yield. They help in increasing crop yield and also the efficiency of fertilisers. Natural zeolites are considered as storehouses for plant nutrients in both agricultural and horticultural sectors.

Zeolites are suitable for cropping, gardens, lawns and pots. They are odourless, yet they absorb odour from the environment. This characteristic feature makes them suitable for mixing with all types of animal manures. Zeolites not only reduces odour, they also take up plant nutrients from the manure and release them slowly as plants need them.

According to Castle Mountain Zeolites, animal manure that is not treated with zeolite will result in the evaporation of nitrogen into ammonia gas over time. Zeolites feature good wetability properties as well. The sand-sized zeolite is also known to have these features, making it suitable for lawns, pots and gardens.

Zeolites improve the application efficiency of artificial fertilisers including Sulphate of Ammonia that can be improved by addition. This will prevent a loss of ammonia into the atmosphere during spreading and incorporation of fertilisers. Elements like zinc can also be accommodated with zeolite from Castle Mountain Zeolites.

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